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 ASE Fab, the idea, was established in 2018, after my wife and I had a conversation about our future, and what we wanted our future to look like. We decided that working to make a dream, a reality would allow us to live a life that we want, and by that I mean being your own boss! As of March 2019 ASE Fab became an offical business! As I wait for a few more parts to come together before I can sell anthing, the base of this business is working on creating off-road parts for vehicles that are not offered by other companies. Also ASE Fab will offer parts for trucks, SUVs, and cars that are popular, but the fun part is putting a twist onto an old design. 

    All parts are designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 or Coreldraw, and most parts are cut out using a CNC plasma table with Mach 3. If you’re a customer, a friend, or just a passer by that may have an idea or something custom you want done, drop me line and lets talk! I don’t believe in turning away ideas just because there maybe a small market. If no market exist for something, then i’ll create it myself or work with others to help create it. The only ideas that are useless are the ones that are not talked about, and brought to reality!


Hi Everyone! I’m Brandon aka (skip), a New England native, spent a decade in South Carolina, and moved to Colorado in October 2018. My background is in industrial maintenance, with significant experience in electronics and Fabrication. I also have experience in autodesk cad/cam, aviation maintenance, automotive maintenance and a degree in information Technology (Networking). The experiences I have learned over the past decade, put me into a position to start this business, and I look forward to doing business with you!

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